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Bonus Scene for Bolt From The Blue Lovers...

This scene is for those of you that have read and loved Book 2 in the Oblivion on Tour series, Bolt From the Blue and want to see some more of Nikki and Trixie. This is a scene from Pure Torture where the band and their ladies are enjoying an evening at a strip club…


Some more drinks are delivered and we settle down for the next song. The DJ’s booth lights up and he announces, “Well folks, I’ve noticed we have a few ladies in the audience tonight…” The rowdy group of men in the club all whistle and cheer. Cody squeezes my thigh tightly. The DJ continues, “So I thought we’d have one for the ladies…there’ll certainly be some fires in the ladies panties shortly, so everyone please welcome Rick the fireman onto the stage!”

The music pounds, hard and heavy. It’s in stark contrast to the slower sultry songs that the girls have been dancing to. A hot looking guy in a fireman’s costume comes romping onto the stage. He’s not wearing much already, so I’m not quite sure what he plans to take off! He starts his performance as he thrusts and gyrates in time to the music. The Oblivion guys all look at each other and shake their heads in utter disgust. Cody comments “What the Fuck man!” The others all agree with frowns and cursed mutterings.

Me, Eve and Trixie have all started paying a little more attention to what’s happening on the stage. The three of us stand up and dance excitedly to the music, much to the revulsion of the Oblivion guys who look like they honestly don’t know where they should look.

Trixie leans over to Scott, waves her hand in his direction and yells above the volume of the music, “Scott, give me a few dollar bills.”

Scott reaches into his pocket and hands Trixie some bills. Trixie grins and waves them in the air, trying to get the attention of the sexy fireman.

Nikki scowls and doesn’t look very impressed, “That no fuckin’ touching thing goes for you too Trixie!”

Just as the sexy fireman starts to dance his way towards Trixie, Nikki swipes the bills from her hand and shoves them defiantly down the front of his own jeans.

Trixie’s laughing as she yells at him, “Hey!”

Nikki grins back at her and challenges, “No touching. If you’re gonna be putting your hands down anyone’s pants, it’s gonna be mine.”

Trixie doesn’t miss a beat as she quickly straddles Nikki’s legs, reaches down, undoes his zipper and goes in search of the missing bills. Nikki isn’t perturbed at all. He just sits there with a larger-than-life smile across his lips. His hands rest securely on Trixie’s hips as he allows her to search while thrusting his hips in time to the music.

After a few more seconds than would have been necessary to just grab the notes, Trixie removes her hand from Nikki’s jeans, complete with a handful of bills. As quickly as she’s removed them, Nikki swipes them from her again and tries to hand them back to Scott.

Scott reacts in utter shock as he howls, “Shit no! Don’t fuckin’ give them back to me! I know where they’ve been!”

Trixie tries to grab the notes out of Nikki’s hand but he’s too quick.

The Oblivion guys are laughing as Scott exclaims, “Come on Nikki, the poor fireman’s been shaking his ass in your girl’s face for the whole song, he deserves some cash.”

Nikki grimaces but stands up and waves the bills at the sexy fireman. The dancer comes sauntering and dancing towards Nikki. He obviously wants his tip so he shakes his ass right in Nikki’s face. Nikki growls and sneers, “Shit I don’t know whether to give the fucker the money or punch his lights out.” He quickly decides that the best course of action is to get rid of the dancer as quickly as possible, so he hurriedly stuffs the bills down the back of the dancer’s underwear. The sexy fireman turns around and grinds his crotch in Nikki’s face. Nikki glowers at him angrily and quickly returns to his seat, prompting fits of laughter from the rest of us.

All this distraction has meant that we’ve missed the majority of sexy fireman’s performance. His song quickly finishes, the ladies in the club all clap, whistle and cheer. Then the stage is quickly filled with a group racy female dancers who are dressed in skimpy cheer leader costumes. They flip and flounce around the stage, managing to easily recapture the attention of the mainly male audience. 

♪ ♫ Why Do Women Love Rock Stars? ♫ ♪

Despite the fact that they have heart-breaker written all over them, rock stars are irresistible. Here’s my take on why…I’ve included a few snippets from my Oblivion on Tour books to demonstrate.

1.  Appearance – they look good!

Let’s start with the obvious – they look hot!
And because women are inexplicably attracted to bad boys, rock stars definitely fit that bill.

(From Pure Torture)
He looks as sexy as ever. His brown hair and cock-sure red mohawk always drives me crazy mad. I’ve frequently imagined what it would feel like to run my fingers through that spiky hair. I wish I could walk over to him and do exactly that right now. He looks effing hot! He’s wearing faded blue jeans and an old Oblivion T-shirt. But the main thing I notice is the way he’s looking at me. Every part of him is screaming with uncontrolled desire.

2. They woo you with lyrics

How many times have you heard a song that captures your mind? For women attraction is not entirely about looks. Men have to be attractive on both the eye and the mind. That’s why women love rock stars – they wear their hearts on their sleeves – they write songs about their emotions and how they feel. What girl doesn’t love a guy that talks about feelings?

(From Heaven Sent)
All five guys strum together combining their different sounds into a perfect harmony. Then Ash starts to sing, his voice is soft but raspy at the same time and oh so sexy. He looks down, staring straight at me then he moves his gaze away focussing on the guitar on his knee. The crowd light up their cell phone torches and sway as Ash sings. The other four band members quietly sing in the background. As I listen, the words of the song register. He describes having to let the love of his life go and the heartache and sadness that the loss causes him. It continues on to express hope that one day he will find his love again.

Ash sings the song with such intensity and feeling. I know from the words of the song that it’s one he wrote with me in his thoughts. My heart aches and I just want to jump onto the stage and hug him into my arms.

3.  Women are attracted to talent

It doesn’t matter what talent it is, but there is something very special about a guy that can play a musical instrument or sing a song.

(From Bolt From The Blue)
Each of the guys slowly comes into sight, seeming to materialize from nowhere. The crowd all holler and clap but the noise is drowned out by the guitars which are wailing a melodic tune as each band member makes their way across the stage to their positions.

I can’t take my eyes off Nikki. He’s taken his shirt off and is just wearing dark jeans and black boots. My body instantly reacts as I take in the sight of my striking Rock God. He’s in his element, this is where he belongs. He looks so natural, like this is precisely the place where he’s supposed to be.
Nikki takes his position close to where I’m standing and turns and winks at me. A sexy smirk tugs at his lips. He knows perfectly well how hot he looks and I’m sure he’s purposely teasing me with his sexy-as-hell body and self-assured attitude. It’s taking every ounce of my self-control to stop myself from darting across to him to close the agonizing distance between us. I have an over-whelming urge to jump him right here, right now.

I turn to look at Eve and Kitty and they’re both just as transfixed on their men. I look around the stage and appreciate how incredible this group of guys really is. They’re all absolutely amazing musicians that just ooze talent.

4.  They’re confident

Confidence is attractive to most women. Rock stars tend to be confident – hell wouldn’t you be confident too if you were a rock star?

(From Pure Torture)
Suddenly Scott bursts into hysterics. He’s laughing so much he can barely contain himself. We follow his line of sight to see what’s amused him so much. Cody is confidently strolling into the room. He’s wearing a crazy as hell outfit. He has black ripped jeans, which admittedly are fairly standard attire, but he has matched it with a T-shirt that looks like it’s been shredded to pieces. It’s completely disintegrated and it’s hanging in threads. He’s also wearing what looks like his whole collection of jewelry – three eyebrow rings, a lip ring, chains with pendants around his neck, a series of wrist bands and some rings on his fingers. He has black stripes painted on his cheeks and although his mohawk is still bright red, the rest of his hair is bright blue.

Scott screeches, “What the fuck man? Why the hell are you wearing that?”

Cody shrugs his shoulders, not caring what others think. With a cheeky smirk on his face he confidently and loudly states, “Why am I wearing this?…”

The guys all reply in unison, barely able to control their laughter as they exasperatedly ask, “Yeah why?”

Cody grins and raises his arms out to his side, “Because I’m a fucking rock star that’s why!”

5.  They’re passionate

Passion is attractive.  Having passions in life simply makes you hot.

(From Pure Torture)
My life feels like a never-ending treadmill of hotels and travelling. The only time I feel truly alive is when I’m on stage. Now that’s real adrenaline. That’s what I live for. Music courses through my veins instead of blood. Music and the band mean everything to me. Absolutely fuckin’ everything.

6.  They’ve got the moves

If they have good moves on the stage, then perhaps they have good moves elsewhere too?

(From Heaven Sent)
The guys perform all their hit songs and the whole crowd enjoy the show. During one song the rest of the band fall silent and Ash and Nikki perform a guitar duo. They purposefully pace across the stage towards each other, their eyes predatory. The riffs from their guitars resonate in perfect synchronization.

When they meet, they turn and lean against each other so they’re back-to-back supporting each other’s weight. They’re completely in their own zone. Their eyes are closed, letting the music flow out of them rapturously.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it’s a very sexual and sensual move. Trixie looks over to me fanning her face dramatically and gasps, “Fuck that’s hot!” I nod my head in agreement, barely able to take my eyes off the two rock gods erotically duelling on stage.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my take on why women love rock stars. If you love reading about rock stars, check out my books:

Heaven Sent – Oblivion on Tour 1
Bolt From The Blue – Oblivion on Tour 2
Pure Torture – Oblivion on Tour 3

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I'm so excited! - I finally get to share Cody and Kitty's story with you.   *jumps around like a crazy person*

These two characters will take you on an intense emotional roller coaster ride as they struggle to figure out exactly what their "relationship" is and what it means to them.


Amazon USA:
Amazon UK:

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I’m so excited to be able to share the cover of PURE TORTURE with you.



Amazon USA:
Amazon UK:


I sit down in an empty space on the chair right next to him. He can’t get up and move now, it would be way too obvious to the others that he’s trying to avoid me. I smile and sarcastically chirp, “You having a good time Cody?”

He groans and responds grouchily, “No, not really.”

I lean in close to him, so close that I can feel the heat from his skin. I place my hand on his knee and see him suck in a deep breath. I purr, “Why don’t you come up and have a dance.”
His response is abrupt. “No thanks.”

Hansen, who’s sitting on the other side of him punches him playfully on the shoulder as he reprimands, “Don’t be such a dickhead Sticks. If a beautiful lady asks you to dance, you fucking drag your sorry ass out of that seat and go and dance.” Hansen pushes him, nudging him roughly out of his seat. Cody tumbles off his chair but quickly gains his footing as he glares irately at Hansen.

I quickly take advantage of the opportunity by springing out of my chair and securing Cody’s hand in mine. I tug on his arm, “Come on Cody, it’ll be fun, I promise.” Cody just responds with a grunt as I start to drag him reluctantly to the dance floor. After a few steps he takes control and it’s him that’s practically dragging me as we push our way into the middle of the crowd. We’re so far into the vibrating and moving swarm of people that we’re completely out of sight from the VIP area. Until now Cody had kept his distance but as soon as we reach a spot where he’s obviously satisfied that we can’t be seen by his bandmates, he grabs me roughly around my body, one hand clasping my ass and the other around my waist as he crushes our bodies together. I can feel his hard muscled torso pressing against my soft curves and he feels so darned good. His eyes focus on mine and the heat and lust radiating off him is voracious. As he starts to move erotically against me he rumbles, “You’re fuckin’ killing me Kitty. I’ve tried to keep my distance, but you’re making it near impossible.” His face is so close to mine that I can feel his breath as he groans, “You’re such a massive tease.”

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Pure Torture Coming Soon!

I have some news - I've finished Pure Torture! It's been checked by my editor, passed through the hands of my beta readers and is now practically ready to release! ***squeals excitedly***

  • I'll be sharing the cover with you on the 24th of June
  • Release day will be the 29th of July. 
  • Pre-order will be available on Amazon soon - I'll let you know once it's up.


Cody’s the sexy drummer extraordinaire of the hard rock band Oblivion.
Kitty’s the little sister of one of Cody’s band mates and she’s had a secret crush on him for years.
When the band are back home for a few days, the chemistry between them is both unexpected and undeniably off-the-charts.
She quickly realizes that the prospect of having what she’s always fantasized about is a very real possibility.
He quickly realizes that although he feels this mind-blowing attraction towards her, she’s the little sister of one of his band mates - he would get his ass kicked from here to hell if he ever laid a finger on her!
But can Kitty convince him? After all, no one else needs to know, a one-time hook-up might suit both of them…or could it ruin everything?

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I have something to share...I'm close to finishing Book 3 in my Oblivion on Tour Series!!! I'm so excited to share Cody and Kitty's story with you. Their story is called Pure Torture, and here's what it's all about...

Meet Cody, he’s the awesome drummer extraordinaire of the hard rock band, Oblivion. Cody’s life revolves around his music and his only real family is the band. Cody loves everything that comes with being a rock star - the fame, the girls, but especially the music and performing.
Meet Kitty, she’s Nikki’s little sister. Nikki is the rhythm guitarist for Oblivion. Kitty is a smart, sexy lady who is in her final year at college. Kitty’s had a crush on Cody forever, but he’s never even noticed her in the way she wants him to.
That is until the night she visits the band when they’re back home for a few days. The instant they lay eyes on each other the attraction is undeniable and fireworks erupt. Sure, Cody knows that Kitty has always been pretty and downright cute, but he’s never thought of her as the unmistakable sex kitten she is now. She’s the perfect embodiment of everything he finds totally irresistible, he wants! However, Cody is torn, although he feels this incredible attraction towards Kitty, she’s the little sister of one of his band mates. He would get his butt kicked if he even laid a finger on her! If he acts on his impulses, he could ruin everything he’s worked so hard for.
As soon as Kitty walks into Oblivion’s hotel suite she instantly recognizes the change in Cody’s reaction towards her. She realizes that the prospect of having everything she’s always imagined is a real possibility, albeit for one night. She knows that Cody’s a serial bad boy that breaks hearts on a nightly basis. However, she can tell that he wouldn’t take much coaxing to make him hers for a night, but can she handle the inevitable eventual rejection? After all Cody’s not a more-than-one-night sorta guy.

Warning: This story is a rock star erotic romance. It contains hot rock stars, sizzling sexual encounters and language that you would expect from heavy rock musicians used to a life of sex, booze and rock and roll.
Pure Torture contains graphic sex scenes and is strictly 18+ only.
This novel is Book 3 in the 'Oblivion On Tour' series. Each book in the series follows a different band member and their quests for love. Pure Torture can be read as a stand-alone, but if you plan on reading the entire series, it would be best to read Heaven Sent (Book 1) and Bolt From The Blue (Book 2) first.

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Tania Sparks Street Team - Who's In?

I’m looking for some cool people to join my street team. If you have a passion for books and have read and love the first two books in my Oblivion on Tour series (Heaven Sent and Bolt From The Blue), join my street team now. Once I have a great team put together we'll be launching the team with a bang.

I'll be looking for you to post and pimp on my behalf and in return I have some special things for you…
- Be the first to know release dates
- Be the first to see cover reveals
- Exclusive book previews, deleted scenes and bonus materials
- Free swag!
- Contests and prizes
- Special Street Team Only Facebook Group

I’m sure we’ll have heaps of fun, so if you’re interested click below to sign-up.

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Feel Like Makin' Love ... Extract from Bolt From The Blue

The lights go out and the crowd all start to cheer and whistle in anticipation of Oblivion arriving on stage. The low hum of a guitar starts to resonate around the stadium. The sound is hypnotic and ghostly, especially with the lights all turned off so it’s pitch black. The crowd has gone silent. I can hear the mutterings of some vocals, all five of the guys are chanting some sort of ancient psalm. Suddenly the stage detonates in an explosion of noise and light. The heavy thrashing of the guitars and frantic beat of the drums engulfs me as the music pulsates through my body. Cody is frenziedly hammering his drums as the other four stand at the front of the stage, guitars in hand, bent at the waist, thrashing their heads rhythmically.

They’re amazing! Me and Eve dance and sing along animatedly as they work their way through their playlist. About half way through their set, in the middle of one of their older songs Nikki breaks into a guitar solo. The lights dim around the other band members and a red spotlight focusses solely on him. He’s standing, legs spread, head tilted back, eyes closed as he makes his guitar wail sensually. Unexpectedly the wailing stops and the stadium goes silent. Has something gone wrong with the sound? I look over to Eve who shrugs her shoulders. The rest of the band look a bit confused.

I look back to Nikki who has a big grin on his face. He starts playing again as he strums a well-known guitar riff and it echoes through the stadium.

bada ba bada ba. It’s Bad Company’s ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’.

He repeats the riff a few times and then growls out the words as he leans into his mic.
“Feel like makin’…” bada ba bada ba.
“Feel like makin’ love…” bada ba bada ba.
Feel like makin’ love…” bada ba bada ba.
Feel like makin’ love to you.”

The rest of the guys are all laughing at him and shaking their heads at Nikki’s impromptu  outburst. The crowd think it’s hilarious and the girls are all screaming as if it’s a personal invitation! He continues the guitar riff and strides up to the side of the stage. He points at me, then to his chest, then back to me again as he silently mouths, “You. Me. Later.” He blows me a kiss. Then his guitar returns back to its normal thrashing rhythm as he strides across the stage and the band join in with the rest of their song.

I’m just standing there with a big grin on my face. Eve nudges me in the ribs as she yells “Just a hook-up huh!”

I can’t help myself, this boy only needs to look at me with those burning brown eyes and I’m done for. I grin back at her, not responding to what we both know is an ever increasing but scary-as-hell reality.

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Amazing Reveiws!

Both HEAVEN SENT and BOLT FROM THE BLUE are getting amazing reviews...thanks so much! 
It astonishes me every time I read a review for either of my books and I really, really, really appreciate every single one! Here some examples of some of the incredible reviews Heaven Sent is getting on Amazon:

5 Star Review By An avid Reader
I loved Ash! Rocker books are my absolute favorite and this one did not disappoint. I happened on this by accident and by the few people who have reviewed this book I guess others haven't discovered it yet. Tania don't get discouraged you wrote a great story. It's got everything you could want sweet, sexy and one of the best parts is it's a stand alone. There is a continuation but it's about another member of the band. Check it out ladies.

5 Star Review By CE Griffin "library lady"
I love a good rock romance and this is definitely one to enjoy! The story is Ash and Angel's (Eve) story of love lost and found.

5 Star Review By Patricia Arnoldon
I love me a good rocker story and this one did not disappoint. I am so glad that I took a chance on a author I had not read before. I am going to be looking for the next in this series. Yup I am totally hooked.
Thanks to everyone that has left a review. If you haven't checked out Heaven Sent, look it up on Amazon ...

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Bolt From The Blue is Available Now !!!!!!

Here are some reviews:


Bolt From The Blue is the second instalment of the Oblivion on Tour Series.

Our thought on this instalment?

Explosive, raunchy, sexy as sin, hot. A brilliant read.

Meet Nikki. Guitarist to Oblivion. Hot, sexy as hell. A womaniser, a player. Like all sexy rock stars, Nikki is the ultimate rock band sex god. Music is his life, his boys are his life. And the women, a never ending stream of offers that Nikki is all willing to take up on. Loves the single life.

But Nikki and his ways are about to change. Why you ask?

Meet Trixie. A business owner with a flair to party. She’s strong, independent, loves life. She’s a pocket rocket. Loves the single life, no attachments is her thing.

But Trixie and her no –relationship status is all about to change. Why you ask?

Because a chance meeting at a bar, Nikki and Trixie’s worlds collide.

The chemistry is there?
The desire is there?
The want and need is there?
But can anything become of Nikki and Trixie?
Can Trixie open her heart again after being crushed in the past?
Can Nikki change his womanising ways?
Can they find a way?

Add to that a crazy stalker, a guarded heart, a death, groupies and a European tour in the wings, you have one explosive read. 
It’s emotional, it’s hot, and it’s sexy as hell. It’s raw. And the sex scenes……DAMN HOT.

We absolutely loved Bolt From The Blue from beginning to end. We simply couldn't put it down until the very end. We fell in love with Nikki and Trixie. We loved every word on every page. We loved their story.

So if sexy as sin rock gods is your thing, then we highly recommend Bolt From The Blue to be placed on everyone’s TBR list. You will not be disappointed. A definite 5 star read.


Oblivion are back !!

This is the second book in the Oblivion on tour series and it’s guitarist Nikki’s turn at love.
Nikki is your typical rock god, he’s into hot one night stands, groupies and he’s a recovering drug addict.

Then one night in a bar he his introduced to his lead singers’ girlfriends room mate and his life changes.

Nightclub owner Trixie is guarded in love after being hurt in the past and she’s only looking for a one night stand, this is the story of what happens when once is not enough.
When a turn of events leave Nikki devastate he turns to Trixie but can these two overcome all the obstacle and find their happy ever after.

I loved the first book in this series but this goes one better.The two main characters are so likable you find yourself cheering from them from page one. The story has it all heartbreak, angst, and fear : the sex is off the scale and you will never look at a motorbike the same way again !

If you like your rock stars broken and dirty this is an automatic one click for you.

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Another Excerpt from Bolt From The Blue ...

Excerpt – Backstage Jealousy

After about half an hour the excitement has started to quieten down and it’s just a noisy party atmosphere. Eve has deserted me and now has Ash wrapped around her. I notice that Ash is pretty adept at shaking off the attention from flirty groupies. His attention is solely on Eve, it’s quite sweet actually. Nikki on the other hand is thriving on all the attention. Admittedly he’s not partaking in anything intimate, but he’s definitely flirting and enjoying the interest he’s getting from numerous scantily clad girls.

I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous. I chant that mantra numerous times in my head, but I’m not doing a very good job of convincing myself. I feel a knot in my stomach and I really could do with another drink to calm my frayed nerves. I try to look anywhere but at Nikki, but I just can’t help myself, I’m driving myself crazy watching him flirt and cavort! 

Fuck this, I need a distraction. I glance around the room and my eyes meet with a sexy looking rocker that I don’t recognize. He raises his eyebrows at me and nods his head indicating for me to go over to him. I put on my sexy smile and saunter over. If Nikki’s allowed to flirt, then I am too! As I get closer to him he takes a few steps towards me and quickly secures his hands around my waist as he rumbles, “Well hello there beautiful, my name’s Matt, what’s yours?”

“My name’s Trixie.” I purr coyly.

“Mmmm” he hums. His eyes slowly rake over me suggestively. This guy’s a bit full on, but at least it’s distracting me from whatever it is that Nikki’s doing. We flirt playfully for a couple of minutes until I suddenly feel strong hands secure around my waist from behind and I get spun around to face a very ticked off looking Nikki. “This one’s mine!” he growls angrily.

Nikki snarls at poor Matt who’s looking slightly panicked as he pleads, “Shit sorry Nikki, I didn’t know she was with you.” Nikki suddenly picks me up and throws me over his shoulder as he barks, “Well she is, so stay the fuck away from her Matt.”

Nikki stomps across the room with me slung over his shoulder while I giggle profusely. He opens a side door, steps inside and slams it shut behind us, locking it securely. We’re in a small bathroom. He lowers me down to the ground, his eyes burn into mine. I’m laughing so much at his ridiculous caveman routine that I can barely remain standing. It’s only after a little while that I realize he’s completely serious as he snarls, “What the fuck were you doing Trixie?”

“What do you mean, what was I doing?” I chuckle playfully.

“Why the hell were you all over Matt?”

He must be kidding. What a hypocrite! “We were just talking! Besides I wasn’t doing anything you weren’t doing!”

“What the hell. It’s my job.”

“Bullshit. It’s not your job. Ash manages to cope without cavorting with every groupie that throws themselves at him.”

“Ash’s god-damned pussy whipped!” he exclaims as if that’s a genuinely logical answer. “Besides, I don’t see Eve falling all over guys from other bands.”

I put my hands on my hips and poke out my tongue. I stomp my foot insolently. “If you can, I can!” I shriek childishly.

Nikki starts to chuckle which quickly turns into a rolling laugh.

It’s now him that’s laughing, and me being serious. I get the distinct feeling that he’s laughing at me not with me. I straighten my face, “What’s so fucking funny?”

He has a massive smug grin on his face. “You get jealous as shit don’t you Trix?”

I sulk and pout my lips. I don’t want to be ‘that girl’. I don’t want to be the girl that gets jealous when her man even talks to other girls. Jesus, he’s not even ‘my man’. I try to explain myself, “Yeah, no, well…”

Nikki starts laughing again.

“Shut up!” I huff.

After a few more smug chuckles Nikki grabs me around the waist. “You know, when I saw you flirting with Matt, I felt so fucking angry. I was so jealous I thought I’d turn green. I had to try really hard to control myself. I almost went over there and smashed the shit out of him for even looking at you. Then when I saw his hands on your sexy body and you giggling and flirting with him, shit Trix…I swear, I almost lost it.”

I look at him seriously as I simply state, “I didn’t think it would bother you if I flirted, you seemed rather preoccupied.”

“God, how can it not bother me? You’re the hottest girl here and I’m not the only one that can’t take my eyes off you.” His body crushes into mine as he pushes me up against the door. He stares forcefully into my eyes, “We had a deal Trix, when we’re in the same town, there’s no fucking around. Look, I know I probably shouldn’t have let those groupies touch and flirt with me. But in my defense, it’s like breakin’ a fucking lifetime habit. I didn’t even think. I promise I wasn’t going to do any more than talk to them. I’ll do my best from now on. When you’re around, you’re the only girl I want touchin’ me and telling me about all the dirty things you plan to do to me.”

“Holy crap Nikki, do they really tell you all the dirty things they want to do to you?”

Nikki just shrugs his shoulders with a big grin on his face as if it’s the most ordinary thing in the world. “Anyway, you’re the only one I want to do dirty things to me. So hows about it?”

I raise my eyebrows, “Hows about what?” I repeat, batting my eyelids at him.

“Hows about we get dirty…here in this bathroom.”

Before I get a chance to answer, his mouth crashes into mine and his hands grasp my ass as he pushes me harder against the locked door. He picks me up and we spin around as he positions me on top of the vanity. His hands are everywhere and they move so quickly my top and bra are removed and discarded in less than a few seconds. His fingers are deftly unzipping my jeans and they’re being tugged down my legs along with my panties as he groans, “There that’s better, I like you naked.”

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Nikki pulls me in close to him so our bodies are crushed against each other. His hands start to drift over my body, caressing my hips then reaching around to lightly squeeze my ass. In a raspy voice he growls, “Hell Trix, I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t seem to be able to get enough of you. I constantly want to touch you. Every time I see you my whole body lights up like god-damned neon. You’re so fuckin’ sexy.” 

I can feel the evidence of his admission as his erection digs into my stomach. He grinds against me to prove his point. He ducks down and lightly nibbles on my lower lip. His tongue joins in the action as our mouths glide against each other and our bodies move together suggestively. 

I know exactly what he means, as soon as I see him I feel tingles of excitement reverberate through my body. This boy’s dangerous, our physical chemistry is off the charts but I know that’s all it can be. There’s no way this could ever be anything more. He’s a god-damned rock star after all. An outrageously sexy one, but still a rock star. He probably has this effect on every girl he hooks up with. 

Besides, I don’t do the whole relationship thing. This, what-ever-it-is between us, is just fun, nothing more than the occasional hook-up…but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t feel amazingly good.

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This excerpt is the prologue to Bolt From The Blue - enjoy...

A few weeks back…it all started at a bar…

Me and the rest of the Oblivion guys are chillin’ in the garden bar down at Ash’s local. The band’s having a few drinks before we go back to his place for a barbecue tonight. We re-join our tour in a few days, so it’s cool to have a bit of R&R before we hit the road again.

I’m sipping on my beer when I see her sauntering through the bar. She weaves between the tables confidently and has an air of assertiveness that makes her seem like she owns the place. Her long blonde hair has the bottom half colored bright pink and it falls seductively over her shoulders and down her back. I can imagine that hair splayed out across my bed. 

Her clothes are tight and cling to every luscious curve and her black fuck-me stiletto boots would feel so freakin’ good with her legs wrapped around my neck. She’s a vision and I can’t take my eyes off of her. I stand up so I can get a better view as I peer around the crowd of people. I say loud enough for everyone else to hear, and more importantly to stake my claim, “Holy fuck, I call dibs on that.” 

She’s looking around for someone. I feel like yelling out, “Hey baby, I’m right here!” but god-damn it, she won’t even look my way. She gets closer and my body reacts instantly. My dick stands to attention and adrenaline courses through my body. I prepare to give her my best panty-dropping smile. All I need is for her to glance my way. I notice that every other fucker in the bar is sizing her up too. A sudden wave of possessiveness hits me as my over-excited libido screams, “Mine!”

She turns a corner and starts to make her way towards us. Her face lights up in a big smile that emphasizes her perfect pink lips. I smile back and start to raise my hand to wave, but she glances at me, then looks straight past me. What the fuck! Am I losing my magic touch?  But then she raises her hand and excitedly waves. Yes score!  

Hold on a sec, why is Ash’s girl Eve waving too? The sexy lady’s wave must have been intended for Eve, not for me! I quickly drop my hand before I look like a complete and utter dickhead. Holy hell, Eve had told us that her best friend was joining us, but I didn’t expect the sex kitten that has just made an appearance. Hell yeah, fucking awesome! 

Here she comes. Jesus, she’s even more gorgeous up close than from a distance. My night just got so much better! Once she arrives at our table Eve starts to introduce her to everyone, apparently her name is Trixie. 

I try to nudge my way to the front, but Eve’s introducing her to everyone else first and is completely ignoring me. What the hell! Let me get to her. Eve’s doing this on purpose I can tell. I’ll have to have a chat to Ash later so he can make sure his girl falls into line. There’s a pecking order here and there’s no way I’m fucking last on the list! 

The sexy lady winks at me. Fucking winks!  Hell yeah, this is gonna be fun.  

Trixie’s definitely into me. I can tell by the way she keeps glancing back to me with that sassy grin on her face. Her eyes feel like they’re undressing me. I know she’s imagining me naked – bring it on baby! 

Eve finally gets around to me. “Trixie, this is Nikki, Oblivion’s rhythm guitarist. Nikki this is Trixie, my best friend.” 

Trixie’s eyes seductively peruse my body. She puts her hands on my shoulders and gives me a lingering kiss on my cheek. Her lips burn into my skin. She purrs, “Nice to meet you Nikki”. Her voice is raspy and sounds like sex. Her words ricochet around in my head as I stare unashamedly at her lips. God, I wonder what she could do with that mouth? I give her the same inspection that she’s just given me. Her body rocks and I can tell she’s a little firecracker. I think I’m in for a wild ride tonight!

I suddenly realize I haven’t said anything. I silently scold myself. Speak you douchebag! 

“Hi” I mumble. 

Hi? Fucking hi! That’s all I can come up with? I have a million smooth pick-up lines in my repertoire, and all as I can say is fucking hi!  It’s okay I can recover from my monumental balls-up. I’m way cooler than this. I sit down on a stool and pat the one next to me, “Have a seat Trixie.” She smiles at me sweetly and walks towards the stool. Then she does something really bizarre. She picks up the stool and moves it down a few spaces and places it next to Cody, our drummer. Fucking Sticks! She’s put the stool so close to him she’s practically sitting on his lap. What the hell! The cocky bastard grins at me and shrugs his shoulders. 

Okay, so this little minx wants to play games huh? I can work with that. I know she wants me. I can see how her body reacts to mine. It’s only a matter of time sweetheart. Only a matter of time…

A minute or two ago…

Hell that boy’s got me heated! I need to get some distance between us because at this  point I have an over-whelming urge to throw myself at him. When Eve told me that some of Ash’s band mates were hot, she didn’t tell me that the one she introduced as Nikki was off-the-planet scorching! I spotted him before I even spotted her. I could feel his eyes burning into me and as soon as our gazes crossed I swear I felt a jolt of electricity. 

He makes my body burn and my thoughts are anything but pure. He has the whole rock star thing down pat and looks like he’s made for doing very naughty things. He must be at least six feet tall, I can tell he’s ripped and has a body to die for. His muscled arms are covered in colorful tattoos and he fills out his sleeveless t-shirt perfectly. He has a piercing through his eyebrow and another one in his lip that I’m just dying to suck on. He has black gages in his ears and a cheeky self-assured smirk on his face. His black straight hair is flopping over his eyes that are currently covered by his dark sunglasses. I can see he’s interested in me and I’m definitely interested in him. But I think I might make him work for it, it’s more fun that way.

He hasn’t said much. Maybe he’s more of a doer than a talker? and I bet he’s an expert at doing!  A cocky grin covers his face. He sits down on a stool and pats the one next to him, “Have a seat Trixie” he rumbles. His voice is deep and I can almost feel the vibration tingle through my body. 

I smile sweetly at him, no way am I going to make it that easy for him! I wander on over to the stool, pick it up and move it a few spaces down to sit next to one of the other guys, I think Eve said his name is Cody. He’s hot too with his red Mohawk and cheeky smile. But he’s not the one I want. I want Nikki, but I’m going to make the rock star work for it. I like being chased and I think I’ll have a bit of fun teasing this one.

The look on Nikki’s face is so hilarious I almost laugh out loud. His jaw has hit the ground as he registers with shock that I chose not to sit next to him. He smirks and shakes his head in disbelief.

The conversations around the table quickly get underway and everyone is joking and chatting. This group of rock stars are really laid back and fun. Being so famous I thought they might be a bit precious, but they’re easy to talk to and treat me like one of the group. I feel like I fit in really well. Over the next hour we drink and joke around. The whole time I can feel Nikki’s eyes on me.

One of the guys encourages his girl to dance with him as they stand on the bench seat and grind against each other. Our whole group starts singing along to the words of the Lily Allen song that’s playing, ‘We just wanna dance the night away, we don’t give a damn what people say, we’ve had enough, so turn it up, tonight we’re taking over …’  Everyone’s oblivious to the fact that no one else in the bar is singing or dancing. I guess these guys make their own fun. 

The next thing I know Cody’s jumped up onto the top of the table. He grabs my hand and pulls me up to dance. I yelp in shock and giggle as we dance erotically on the table. I look down to Nikki and he has an annoyed scowl on his face. He rubs his chin in thought then lifts his sunglasses to the top of his head. With a smug smirk on his face he jumps up, quickly launches himself onto the table and flicks me around so I’m facing him. He assertively grabs my hands and places them around his neck and grasps me firmly on my hips. He’s smiling at me confidently as he growls into my ear, “No more games Trixie, you’re mine and it’s about time you realized that you and me are inevitable”. 

Holy crap! I guess my teasing has had the desired effect as he stakes his claim. His eyes are hooded and oh so sexy. It’s then that I notice his irises are the color of chocolate. They had previously been covered by his sunglasses but they’re so intense I can feel them burning into me. My insides melt. 

He pulls me in close so our bodies are touching all the way from our knees to our shoulders. We move together in time to the music and I feel his hard and very large erection pushing into my stomach as we grind provocatively against each other. It’s only then that I notice that Cody is still dancing behind me. His hands are on my waist and his body is moving close to mine. Although it feels great having two sexy rock gods paying me this much attention, I decide it’s time to let Nikki know I’m definitely interested in him. I look over my shoulder to Cody, raise my hand to my mouth and blow him a good bye kiss. Cody shrugs his shoulders and I quickly turn my attention back to Nikki. We continue to move against each other provocatively, I’m sure we’re putting on quite a show, but this boy is making my body sing. I can’t wait for this night to progress…

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