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Bonus Scene for Bolt From The Blue Lovers...

This scene is for those of you that have read and loved Book 2 in the Oblivion on Tour series, Bolt From the Blue and want to see some more of Nikki and Trixie. This is a scene from Pure Torture where the band and their ladies are enjoying an evening at a strip club…


Some more drinks are delivered and we settle down for the next song. The DJ’s booth lights up and he announces, “Well folks, I’ve noticed we have a few ladies in the audience tonight…” The rowdy group of men in the club all whistle and cheer. Cody squeezes my thigh tightly. The DJ continues, “So I thought we’d have one for the ladies…there’ll certainly be some fires in the ladies panties shortly, so everyone please welcome Rick the fireman onto the stage!”

The music pounds, hard and heavy. It’s in stark contrast to the slower sultry songs that the girls have been dancing to. A hot looking guy in a fireman’s costume comes romping onto the stage. He’s not wearing much already, so I’m not quite sure what he plans to take off! He starts his performance as he thrusts and gyrates in time to the music. The Oblivion guys all look at each other and shake their heads in utter disgust. Cody comments “What the Fuck man!” The others all agree with frowns and cursed mutterings.

Me, Eve and Trixie have all started paying a little more attention to what’s happening on the stage. The three of us stand up and dance excitedly to the music, much to the revulsion of the Oblivion guys who look like they honestly don’t know where they should look.

Trixie leans over to Scott, waves her hand in his direction and yells above the volume of the music, “Scott, give me a few dollar bills.”

Scott reaches into his pocket and hands Trixie some bills. Trixie grins and waves them in the air, trying to get the attention of the sexy fireman.

Nikki scowls and doesn’t look very impressed, “That no fuckin’ touching thing goes for you too Trixie!”

Just as the sexy fireman starts to dance his way towards Trixie, Nikki swipes the bills from her hand and shoves them defiantly down the front of his own jeans.

Trixie’s laughing as she yells at him, “Hey!”

Nikki grins back at her and challenges, “No touching. If you’re gonna be putting your hands down anyone’s pants, it’s gonna be mine.”

Trixie doesn’t miss a beat as she quickly straddles Nikki’s legs, reaches down, undoes his zipper and goes in search of the missing bills. Nikki isn’t perturbed at all. He just sits there with a larger-than-life smile across his lips. His hands rest securely on Trixie’s hips as he allows her to search while thrusting his hips in time to the music.

After a few more seconds than would have been necessary to just grab the notes, Trixie removes her hand from Nikki’s jeans, complete with a handful of bills. As quickly as she’s removed them, Nikki swipes them from her again and tries to hand them back to Scott.

Scott reacts in utter shock as he howls, “Shit no! Don’t fuckin’ give them back to me! I know where they’ve been!”

Trixie tries to grab the notes out of Nikki’s hand but he’s too quick.

The Oblivion guys are laughing as Scott exclaims, “Come on Nikki, the poor fireman’s been shaking his ass in your girl’s face for the whole song, he deserves some cash.”

Nikki grimaces but stands up and waves the bills at the sexy fireman. The dancer comes sauntering and dancing towards Nikki. He obviously wants his tip so he shakes his ass right in Nikki’s face. Nikki growls and sneers, “Shit I don’t know whether to give the fucker the money or punch his lights out.” He quickly decides that the best course of action is to get rid of the dancer as quickly as possible, so he hurriedly stuffs the bills down the back of the dancer’s underwear. The sexy fireman turns around and grinds his crotch in Nikki’s face. Nikki glowers at him angrily and quickly returns to his seat, prompting fits of laughter from the rest of us.

All this distraction has meant that we’ve missed the majority of sexy fireman’s performance. His song quickly finishes, the ladies in the club all clap, whistle and cheer. Then the stage is quickly filled with a group racy female dancers who are dressed in skimpy cheer leader costumes. They flip and flounce around the stage, managing to easily recapture the attention of the mainly male audience. 

♪ ♫ Why Do Women Love Rock Stars? ♫ ♪

Despite the fact that they have heart-breaker written all over them, rock stars are irresistible. Here’s my take on why…I’ve included a few snippets from my Oblivion on Tour books to demonstrate.

1.  Appearance – they look good!

Let’s start with the obvious – they look hot!
And because women are inexplicably attracted to bad boys, rock stars definitely fit that bill.

(From Pure Torture)
He looks as sexy as ever. His brown hair and cock-sure red mohawk always drives me crazy mad. I’ve frequently imagined what it would feel like to run my fingers through that spiky hair. I wish I could walk over to him and do exactly that right now. He looks effing hot! He’s wearing faded blue jeans and an old Oblivion T-shirt. But the main thing I notice is the way he’s looking at me. Every part of him is screaming with uncontrolled desire.

2. They woo you with lyrics

How many times have you heard a song that captures your mind? For women attraction is not entirely about looks. Men have to be attractive on both the eye and the mind. That’s why women love rock stars – they wear their hearts on their sleeves – they write songs about their emotions and how they feel. What girl doesn’t love a guy that talks about feelings?

(From Heaven Sent)
All five guys strum together combining their different sounds into a perfect harmony. Then Ash starts to sing, his voice is soft but raspy at the same time and oh so sexy. He looks down, staring straight at me then he moves his gaze away focussing on the guitar on his knee. The crowd light up their cell phone torches and sway as Ash sings. The other four band members quietly sing in the background. As I listen, the words of the song register. He describes having to let the love of his life go and the heartache and sadness that the loss causes him. It continues on to express hope that one day he will find his love again.

Ash sings the song with such intensity and feeling. I know from the words of the song that it’s one he wrote with me in his thoughts. My heart aches and I just want to jump onto the stage and hug him into my arms.

3.  Women are attracted to talent

It doesn’t matter what talent it is, but there is something very special about a guy that can play a musical instrument or sing a song.

(From Bolt From The Blue)
Each of the guys slowly comes into sight, seeming to materialize from nowhere. The crowd all holler and clap but the noise is drowned out by the guitars which are wailing a melodic tune as each band member makes their way across the stage to their positions.

I can’t take my eyes off Nikki. He’s taken his shirt off and is just wearing dark jeans and black boots. My body instantly reacts as I take in the sight of my striking Rock God. He’s in his element, this is where he belongs. He looks so natural, like this is precisely the place where he’s supposed to be.
Nikki takes his position close to where I’m standing and turns and winks at me. A sexy smirk tugs at his lips. He knows perfectly well how hot he looks and I’m sure he’s purposely teasing me with his sexy-as-hell body and self-assured attitude. It’s taking every ounce of my self-control to stop myself from darting across to him to close the agonizing distance between us. I have an over-whelming urge to jump him right here, right now.

I turn to look at Eve and Kitty and they’re both just as transfixed on their men. I look around the stage and appreciate how incredible this group of guys really is. They’re all absolutely amazing musicians that just ooze talent.

4.  They’re confident

Confidence is attractive to most women. Rock stars tend to be confident – hell wouldn’t you be confident too if you were a rock star?

(From Pure Torture)
Suddenly Scott bursts into hysterics. He’s laughing so much he can barely contain himself. We follow his line of sight to see what’s amused him so much. Cody is confidently strolling into the room. He’s wearing a crazy as hell outfit. He has black ripped jeans, which admittedly are fairly standard attire, but he has matched it with a T-shirt that looks like it’s been shredded to pieces. It’s completely disintegrated and it’s hanging in threads. He’s also wearing what looks like his whole collection of jewelry – three eyebrow rings, a lip ring, chains with pendants around his neck, a series of wrist bands and some rings on his fingers. He has black stripes painted on his cheeks and although his mohawk is still bright red, the rest of his hair is bright blue.

Scott screeches, “What the fuck man? Why the hell are you wearing that?”

Cody shrugs his shoulders, not caring what others think. With a cheeky smirk on his face he confidently and loudly states, “Why am I wearing this?…”

The guys all reply in unison, barely able to control their laughter as they exasperatedly ask, “Yeah why?”

Cody grins and raises his arms out to his side, “Because I’m a fucking rock star that’s why!”

5.  They’re passionate

Passion is attractive.  Having passions in life simply makes you hot.

(From Pure Torture)
My life feels like a never-ending treadmill of hotels and travelling. The only time I feel truly alive is when I’m on stage. Now that’s real adrenaline. That’s what I live for. Music courses through my veins instead of blood. Music and the band mean everything to me. Absolutely fuckin’ everything.

6.  They’ve got the moves

If they have good moves on the stage, then perhaps they have good moves elsewhere too?

(From Heaven Sent)
The guys perform all their hit songs and the whole crowd enjoy the show. During one song the rest of the band fall silent and Ash and Nikki perform a guitar duo. They purposefully pace across the stage towards each other, their eyes predatory. The riffs from their guitars resonate in perfect synchronization.

When they meet, they turn and lean against each other so they’re back-to-back supporting each other’s weight. They’re completely in their own zone. Their eyes are closed, letting the music flow out of them rapturously.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it’s a very sexual and sensual move. Trixie looks over to me fanning her face dramatically and gasps, “Fuck that’s hot!” I nod my head in agreement, barely able to take my eyes off the two rock gods erotically duelling on stage.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my take on why women love rock stars. If you love reading about rock stars, check out my books:

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