Monday, September 15, 2014

Another excerpt...I hope you enjoy it!

Also, keep an eye out for the cover reveal later this week.


Ash leans his head down and bends his knees so he's looking straight into my eyes. He has the most troubled look on his face, "Do you belong to someone Angel?"

"What do you mean?" I whisper, still looking him directly in his eyes that are now burning with possession.

"Are you seeing someone? he asks quietly.

"Sort of." I whisper.

"What do you mean sort of? he growls.

"We're on a break from each other at the moment.  He wanted to have some time apart for a month. The month's nearly up and he's meeting me here in San Francisco in a few days so we can talk about where our relationship's going from here."

"Please tell me I'm not too late Angel, have I lost you?" He mutters so quietly that I can almost not hear him. He looks so sad.

"I don't know Ash, I've missed you terribly but I don't even know what this is between us."

He leans towards my ear. I can feel his breath on my neck. He whispers, "This is whatever you want it to be Angel, I'll take you any way I can get you."

We stand there for a few minutes, me pressed up against the wall by his body, the electricity sparking between us, just looking at each other, our hearts pounding loudly.

"I fucking want you Angel. I'm not going to let you go for a second time. I'll earn you back. I'll fight for you. Now I've found you again, you're going to be mine and only mine. Surely you can feel it too, this charge we've always had between us, it's still there, maybe even stronger now.  We're meant to be together Angel and I'm not going to let some lame ass boyfriend stop me."

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