Friday, February 27, 2015

Bolt From The Blue is Available Now !!!!!!

Here are some reviews:


Bolt From The Blue is the second instalment of the Oblivion on Tour Series.

Our thought on this instalment?

Explosive, raunchy, sexy as sin, hot. A brilliant read.

Meet Nikki. Guitarist to Oblivion. Hot, sexy as hell. A womaniser, a player. Like all sexy rock stars, Nikki is the ultimate rock band sex god. Music is his life, his boys are his life. And the women, a never ending stream of offers that Nikki is all willing to take up on. Loves the single life.

But Nikki and his ways are about to change. Why you ask?

Meet Trixie. A business owner with a flair to party. She’s strong, independent, loves life. She’s a pocket rocket. Loves the single life, no attachments is her thing.

But Trixie and her no –relationship status is all about to change. Why you ask?

Because a chance meeting at a bar, Nikki and Trixie’s worlds collide.

The chemistry is there?
The desire is there?
The want and need is there?
But can anything become of Nikki and Trixie?
Can Trixie open her heart again after being crushed in the past?
Can Nikki change his womanising ways?
Can they find a way?

Add to that a crazy stalker, a guarded heart, a death, groupies and a European tour in the wings, you have one explosive read. 
It’s emotional, it’s hot, and it’s sexy as hell. It’s raw. And the sex scenes……DAMN HOT.

We absolutely loved Bolt From The Blue from beginning to end. We simply couldn't put it down until the very end. We fell in love with Nikki and Trixie. We loved every word on every page. We loved their story.

So if sexy as sin rock gods is your thing, then we highly recommend Bolt From The Blue to be placed on everyone’s TBR list. You will not be disappointed. A definite 5 star read.


Oblivion are back !!

This is the second book in the Oblivion on tour series and it’s guitarist Nikki’s turn at love.
Nikki is your typical rock god, he’s into hot one night stands, groupies and he’s a recovering drug addict.

Then one night in a bar he his introduced to his lead singers’ girlfriends room mate and his life changes.

Nightclub owner Trixie is guarded in love after being hurt in the past and she’s only looking for a one night stand, this is the story of what happens when once is not enough.
When a turn of events leave Nikki devastate he turns to Trixie but can these two overcome all the obstacle and find their happy ever after.

I loved the first book in this series but this goes one better.The two main characters are so likable you find yourself cheering from them from page one. The story has it all heartbreak, angst, and fear : the sex is off the scale and you will never look at a motorbike the same way again !

If you like your rock stars broken and dirty this is an automatic one click for you.

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